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12 Line Laser Level Green Light Infrared

12 Line Laser Level Green Light Infrared

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1. Double-purpose indoor and outdoor, the three-dimensional laser level is equipped with a laser balancer. More complex lasers can be used indoors to improve accuracy, and laser lines with higher brightness can be selected outdoors to improve the visibility of lasers.
2. Automatic leveling, tilt angle 24 automatic alarm, laser flashing; tilt angle 4 automatic leveling, alarm stop. The main purpose is to ensure that the laser level is on the correct horizontal line when used in various occasions
3. Multifunctional adjustable base, which can accurately help the laser level to adjust the front, back, left, and right. High angle and low angle. In addition, the base is also specially equipped with horizontal droplets, the base is small and easy to carry
4. Using PRACMANU new laser transmitter to make the laser line more precise and stable. Can be used indoors or outdoors, it is an ideal choice for indoor decoration, wall hanging, construction, woodworking, construction and other industries

Product information:
Type: Infrared Laser Level
Power supply: battery
Size: cloth bag
Material; Abdominal muscles
Working distance: normal
Working temperature: normal temperature
Scope of application: general

Packing list:
Infrared laser level *1

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